This is my first blog post in a very, very long time.  My life has settled a bit, but not by much, so since I am now able to focus a bit more on my work, here I am! I will begin with my latest endeavour – which, by the way was a complete success:

Lilac Jelly – found on http://commonsensehome.com/how-to-make-lilac-jelly/  This recipe took me by surprise; a keeper for sure. I have wanted to make this jelly for 6 years but never had the time for it. It was so delicious – perfect with some ripe blue cheese on french stick or baguette. My husband and I have enjoyed on some of the hottest days with a cold platter and a beer for dinner.

I’m not much for creating my own preserve recipes. I have, instead, collected an arsenal of references and books on preserving, gardening, herbs, etc. My latest addition: The Dehydrator Bible (Mackenzie, Nutt & Mercer) Otherwise, I head online to see what everyone else is making and I will always tag or add link in my posts for you to get them.

This blog combines the best of my kitchen and garden exploits, as I rejoice and commiserate with the highs and lows of urban homesteading-ish. Because: in the city, our only best best bet is to keep trying.

Thanks for visiting, and happy sorta homesteading-ish!

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