How to make 2021 happier than this year was!

Well, shit – what a year it’s been:


Black Lives Matter (Also – black people deserve rights, dignity, respect, recognition, livelihood).

Wreckonciliation (Reconciliation with indigenous groups is an ongoing dangled carrot in Canada).

The obvious and inescapable debacle of “the virus” and all things political, social, physical, and economical that go with it.

Vaccine trial debacles, deaths, and physiological mutilations, I have read/heard of (Also: I’m not against vaccines).

The American Election.

All I’m saying is: I just want my garden. I just want my sanity. And I want to preserve my right to my own thoughts, actions, consequences, and the freedom and right to wreck my life on my own terms, thank you.

I said I was gonna get rid of this blog; turns out I just deleted my instagram and facecrack accounts. This is now an extension blog site to Pretty Tasty Gardens. I have also owned that name longer than Homesteading-ish. I’m still gonna discuss my fails and improvements. I’m still gonna discuss my gardening exploits in my NEW BACK YARD! And I will share any products I find obsessively phenomenal with you.

mullein proudly colonizing this front yard – watch the spherical direction of the blossoms that open one by one. Nature’s toilet paper and lung medicine – but must be used with caution as a tea as it can thin the blood, and not in a nice way like wine.

I’ll tell you that my belongings – my very personal-to-die-for collection of go-to gardening references, my career’s worth of schooling references, and cookery books have had a homecoming out of storage. It was a tearful reunion. Which means I will be back to toggling my time (and yours, should you decide to follow me and read along), between my garden, my kitchen, and my clients’ gardens!

Two new additions to the very many other references I have on hand. Establishing and managing backyard orchards takes a lot of careful thought and some essential references for best practices!

If you’re finding me for the first time, WELCOME to my world! I hope my musings don’t disappoint -we have much to catch up on! Starting with my new garden and the career upgrades that I have enjoyed putting myself through while parenting. My next entry will bring you all up to speed on where I’ve been and where I am now and the direction I hope to be progressing into in the near (very near) future!

In a nutshell, pertaining to the title of this post, it’s just batshit crazy out there. And after losing my mind a bit on social media, I’ve begun to snap back into pseudo-work mode. I’ve decided that, even though I’m not going anywhere any time soon (because we are in the middle of a socio-economical crack-down and I’m tired of all the BS), writing and planning for the next growing season is healthy psychological brain food.

I want some space from all the hysteria and to plant my head back onto my shoulders (pun intended). I predict that 2021 is going to be a real wild card, and I am going to need both hands (and all my brain cells) on deck to keep me sane and healthy. My garden is my world and my family goes with it. If you have never gardened, or have been able to find the time (and most importantly, space) for it, let’s start with a pot. On your window sill, your kitchen counter, your desk or balcony. And yes, cactuses are great, while failure is your most trusted teacher in all things green.

Here’s to the new year. Happy Homesteading-ish!