We should quit lots of things in 2021, a horticulture journal is NOT one of them.

It’s not hard to get swallowed up by social media. Just drove my husband crazy, watching me glued to the phone like I was tethered to a sinkhole. There were mounting frustrations with social media. My real life friends had become reduced to a picture I rolled my finger over. One thing it I developed from it was a false sense of social productivity. Here I could indulge in the illusion that I cared because I tapped “like” on a photo. I didn’t. Shamelessly, the pictures I was ‘liking’ was a motion to flag it later for reference to something I found interesting. Mind you, I am speaking specifically on those persons whom I have actual phone numbers saved in my phone. Sad but true. I’m not criticizing anyone who participates in social media, I’m merely speaking on my own reflection. Having presence is not necessarily being present, per se….

So I left. I’d like to say I am looking into Instagram alternatives, but the lustre is gone. And I like having friends I can physically speak to over the phone. It’s efficient without hijacking of my time and my mind. Sound revolutionary? Who wants to go back to rotary?! No?

In the decade of tech, I’d call this analogue… almost. Admittedly, I definitely went through a withdrawal process. It was like the mood that kicks in when the holidays are over and there is no more booze and I have to go back to work in “that ugly office at the job I hate”. Like all moods, it was temporary! Imagine that – Psychologists weren’t lying about withdrawal!

What have I done since December 20, 2020? I caught upon sleep! Yes, I stole back the hours social media took from me through all those sleepless scrollings. Best of all, I REALLY enjoyed all the time I spent with my family. Maybe this is a knee-jerk reaction to all the online narcissism you develop over time, but I found that I took less photos. The photos I did take, were scouting fruit trees for bugs and disease, making reminders for myself to look things up at home, sending little updates and notes to my husband. I think I just started to soak in my surroundings again using all my five senses and the camera became unimportant to those moments. My private and special time with my family was mine again. I do miss some of the networking and friends I made, but I don’t miss the endless stimulation.

If my instagram (@homesteading_ish or @prettytastygdns was something that you enjoyed, please feel free to follow me here! Scroll waaaayyy down until you’re exhausted and you see the teensiest follow button in the world. Yep. Thank you in advanced!

Now to fill you in with the last 2 years. Actually, not 2 years. It was a long, LONG time ago and I’m over it. But 2020 was glorious, all things, considered.

We moved into a less expensive place in the west end and got a beautiful garden!
Found a milkweed pod pickling recipe!

We foraged the hell out of our surroundings. My girl was in heaven. We found a cluster of wild enoki mushrooms colonizing our mulberries – the tree is in decline. I’m not all that sad! Wild enoki is hard to find and mulberries make a mess! We also experimented with wine cap mushrooms for our vegetable bed and fruit trees. When I looked in the fall, the mycelium looked healthy so I’m looking towards seeing some this spring! – I will be sure to post on progress in a couple of months.

My mother was no exception when it came to foraging. Dandelion kimchee was the summer favourite this year. Even scolded me for pulling out mine by the roots.

Side note: Have you ever tried growing okra? Look how beautiful they are! Butter yellow blooms with velvet burgundy centres. Blooms last only 24hrs. But – drought tolerant! We did these. Grows anywhere, windproof, edible in its entirety except (roots and stalk), and just flat-out pretty!

Thats it. That was the last year. It was a summer of soil, and seeds, growth and wild food. If you haven’t seen my previous post, seed starting is on the horizon, as with spring! And so many ongoing garden curiosities to satisfy along the way…

Happy Homesteading-ish!


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