Impromptu vegetable sale for the last minute grower who wants to try it all!

Its been a real pain – finding seedlings and flowers, doing the curb-side pickups, waiting in the car with the hope that you don’t need to idle longer than 5 minutes. Vegetables have been slim pickings, apparently. So have annuals and hanging plants. I was hemming and hawing on whether to offer vegetables during the winter, but then my gut said, (as well as some colleagues) “are you crazy? – DO IT!

So – I did it. It’s been a real steep learning curve. Travel, soil, delivery, added costs, materials… But they’re ready!

Now I don’t have every bare essential. But I do have choice heirlooms from the bare essential types to choose from. Seeds came from the best in the biz, of course – a very select handful reliable producers, sent to an equally amazing grower have made our heirloom stock pretty sweet. It’s a short list with limited quantities, but what a selection.

For a first timer, I am offering luffa, salt & pepper heirloom cucumber, outrageous romaine, heirloom and asian zucchini varieties perennial leeks, onions, celtuce (lettuce that grows on a stalk!) and much, much more. Yes – I have basil. Lots.

These seedlings were NOT supplied from the seed exchange. I realize it can seem that way since I was also participating with the seed exchange this winter. But no – donated seeds are for donating needs! Those have been sent to Emmett Park Community Gardens and around to community garden efforts with the City of Toronto for other community plots. Emmett Park is hoping to grow them out for food and seed for next year’s exchange! The goal is to get an exchange established for York/Weston! More on this in a future post, but for now, it is a very exciting idea I am working on with the administrator of that group!

If you are interested in skipping the seeding process and just in a hurry to get something in the ground, download the list and send the order to

Order pickups are by appointment only. I am looking forward to interacting with you all soon.

A NOTE: Seed potatoes and rhubarb are NOT included in the 15 for $25 offer.

Sorry guys. My bills are calling – and they’re not cheap!