Garlic season is upon us!

Did You Know: Garlic is so good for your health as an immune booster, and for reducing inflammation? NOOOO?????? It’s the sexy-healthy edible of the spice world!

AND you’re in luck – I am offering garlic this season for planting, and boy, have I got a selection! All certified organic, and some very rare heirloom varieties. Blast that inner inflammation, boost your immune system, fight off the onset of a cold, and (OF COURSE!) keep gardening….

Here are the varieties I’m peddling for fall planting 2021!

UPDATE: WE ARE SOLD OUT! And sold out since early October.  Thank you all who supported! You will not be disappointed next summer! Just remember the tips I gave below on growing fantastic bulbs! 

Svea Porcelin: If you have been told to stay away from chilies because its bad for your arthitis but you’re a die-hard heat-freak, check this out: Garlic is great for arthritis! And Svea is strong and hot, hot HOT. Loads of beautiful red-purple streaks with a clove size comparable to the music variety. These guys love a good Canadian winter, and produces abour 5-8 cloves per bulb. $2clove or $18 for 10

Romanian red: Romanian Red is a serious, rich garlic in size and taste. The bulbs are a beautiful ivory white with a strong nutty after taste. Each clove will produce a rotund bulb of 4-6 plump cloves.

$2.25/clove or  $20 for 10

Duganskij: This is a mid-season, purple striped beauty. Large bulbs with amazing flavor that matches its size. Colouring is one of a kind with purple outer wrappers and violet-tinged cloves! This starts off bold and finishes with a mild aftertaste. Each bulb yields 4-5 hearty-sized cloves.

Limited quantities $2.25/clove

Red Russian: Another big strong garlic that finishes with warm a sweet aftertaste. Cloves are massive. One can easily flavour a full meal. Comparably, it takes 2 of the Svea cloves to make one Russian babe. Can average up to 6+ cloves per bulb. If you got water-clogged soils, these don’t mind the mud, and can withstand a soggy winter.

Limited quantities $2.25/clove

Crystal white:  I don’t have much of these. It’s a very rare heirloom beauty with yellow-green variegated leaves, you’d easily mistake it as a volunteer mystery bulb by winter’s end. Produces 4-6 fat creamy ivory coloured cloves with sweet aroma and full flavour. Quebec winters are child’s play. These guys will hang out in the ground until early August and can be stored up to 5/6 months!

Quantities are very limited. $3/clove

How to grow?

Plant the bulbs between 3-4” deep between now and the end of October. Mulch. This suppresses weeds. I hate straw mulch – mostly because it makes your bed stick out like a sore thumb. But it’s the gold standard in organic mulches. Why?? Because it suppresses weeds, and draws moisture away from tender foliage while remaining pH neutral. The most important thing is weed suppression. So – I will grab a bale and not regret it in the spring.

In the spring, you want to give your garlic a generous helping of organic matter. The thaw will wake them up, while the compost will give them a boost of much needed nutrients. Keep them watered regularly. You can cut the scapes (the flowerheads) back either at their first curl or just as it starts to uncurl. This will redirect their energy to bulb production. Pull the when 2/3 of the leaves have died back.

Last year, during the crackdowns, I didn’t have much going on and everything was hard to find. So I tinkered around & indulged in all the the cardinal rules of what not to do:

I bought my bulbs from a grower who’s quality had waned in the last couple of years; I didn’t mulch; I mixed in late season garlics with early risers. Some were really amazing. But most were average. I got a few that were undersized. They’re still edible, so all is not lost.

But this year, I want a guaranteed harvest. I’m happy with the new grower that I have purchased from. And, I’ve got less green-fatigue than last year with a lot more determination.

These are the 5 varieties listed above that I am offering. If you are in Toronto, You can send me a message to order at E-transfers (taxes apply) can be sent to the same email address. OR cash is welcome!

Drop me a line, and lets get you into your urban plot for this season’s last fall edible planting!