Local Resources Shortlist

It is February! 28 days and then comes March… have you started to think about your growing season yet? I have already downloaded my various catalogues, and have begun to start perusing the online stores, and I am scheming for a great 2022 growing year. So who are my sources, and will I share them with you? Of course!

Here is my “Who’s-are-You” list of sources for local seeds and gardening resources to get you ready to hit the road running pre-spring. I will be doing further features as part of my “Feature Creature” spotlights.

Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. I have to make sure to include Hanna Jacobs! Matchbox is a certified organic grower in southern Ontario, just north of Hamilton. Buy seeds, or order seedlings from Matchbox and pick up her designated “drop locations”. These are locations where she is already scheduled to be at to sell her seeds and seedlings at. She also hosts workshops on a number of growing subjects from seed starting, garden bed design and seed collection. Always approachable and happy to help, she is happy to help you troubleshoot your plot! Good news – I will also be including some of her stock in my upcoming online store this spring!

Ps. Yes, she is located out of the city, but did you also know she started out as a city slicker herself? More to come in my next post.

Seeds of Imbolc (pronounced how it’s spelled!) The word ‘imbolc’ is an old monastic or druidic event to celebrate the seed. This takes place February 2nd – Groundhog’s Day! There is a more detailed elaboration on this term on the website, but for now, I gleefully gush about Kat Granger. Seeds of Imbolc is a Demeter Certified, Biodynamic Farm, as well certified organic! She sells locally grown flower and vegetable seeds, tubers/bulbs. She carries an extensive library of Russian and other northern European tomato varieties. I specify the Russians as these varieties do incredibly well in cooler climates, such as ours. Other seeds include peppers, cucumbers, beans, and now an even faster growing list of cut-flowers seeds and tubers.

Ellenberger Farms. Thanks to Ellenberger Organic Farms, I have enjoyed a full season of summer potatoes and a full harvest. Henry and Jane Ellenberger and their family are generational farmers located just north of Orillia. I have gained quite an introduction on growing these little spuds and how to grow with success. From fingerlings to fall storage varieties, They have a nice stock of varieties to choose from. YES – they will send through the mail! If you’re in the area, they also sell grass-fed organic beef, eggs, and maple syrup! I will elaborate later on best container growing methods for a fantastic harvest. Certified Organic!

The Good Seed T.O: Melissa Cameron is an Organic Master Gardener. She started her company in the heart of Downtown Toronto, and now boasts a full vegetable gardening program and online courses to get you moving to grow food in your back yard! She touches on garden design ideas, tips on bettering your green thumb. Best of all, freebies are fantastic and her free downloadable guides that are easy to follow at any level of experience.

Toronto Urban Growers! & Seeds of Diversity, and Seedy Saturdays! The community of growers that will feed and nourish your green obsession! Better still, both host regular resources on seed starting and saving, and how to get the most out of the gardening season among various other areas of green expertise! Although not affiliated, both converge together to participate to host various events pertaining to Toronto Seedy Saturdays!

Any beginner or self-identifying consummate brown-thumb-er will either be overwhelmed by the amount of information or over-joyed. For a paltry donation of $2, PWYC (pay-what-you-can – which can also be nothing if you’re strapped), or a seed donation (exchange), you can get into Seedy Saturday workshops, swap seeds and gorge on the green community! Various seed exchange outlets are located all over the city for you to donate and pickup seeds! Keep up on the website or join the mailing list for updates and revisions on seed collection and coordination details, as well their upcoming lineup of online and in-person seminars for this year’s Urban Ag Week!

Agro-Haitai I have shared this company in past posts. If you are asian, or curious about Asian produce, this is one is definite ‘yes’ to try. They boast an extensive library of specialty vegetable varieties and herb seeds. Their format is very straight forward, and let you know the various codes they use to indicate whether the seeds are hybrids, resistant to certain diseases or pest, Their prices have gone up over the last two years, but no doubt, they have also expanded production. I have purchased from this company and I will say that I have no regrets; they are efficient, and provide extra information when requested.

My Feature Creature spotlights will soon be on the roll-out as we inch closer to spring! I will have so many more resources to share with you, including how to pick a Landscaper to fit your vision and your space. Of course, I will take extra time to share with you a proper introduction of my vision and my own personal passion in edible landscaping.


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