Katie Flor, a devout localist and one of Toronto’s most exceptional florist is located in the heart of Parkdale.

Katie quit her previous job of 10+ years in January 2020, and started The Moody Blooms in March of the same year. Like many in horticulture tech, we all tend to feel the burnout at the 10yrs mark. We get long-term work injuries, our joints wear out, and we need an exit plan. Lucky for her, it was only her wrists that started to feel the pinch. The Moody Blooms was an artful venture that tied together her formal education in art and horticulture experience.

Horticulture and art have been a stable connection from her childhood (her mother is a horticulturalist – yay mom! Katie has followed in her mother’s path through the industry since she was a teen. She cut lawns, worked in garden centres, and of course, worked in landscape design/garden maintenance to sustain herself during her educational ambitions. Katie’s Academic career is quite the list itself. She holds a Fine Art degree from Sheridan Technical. A Bachelor of Fine Art & Art History from UofT, and a Horticultural Technician diploma with Red Seal designation from Humber College.

She is a devout localist in her work – I said that already, but she really is. Katie sources from all over Ontario and within Toronto. Her work is about creating ambiance and often out-of-the-box whimsical arrangements.

So what exactly does she do as a florist?

Fresh bouquets, dried bouquets, bridal installations, funerals, baby showers, table settings, prom, bridal parties; Katie is limitless with her creativity and flexibility. Now she hasn’t completely discarded her landscaping talents; she still does custom seasonal planter and urns to dress up your front yard or your back terrace!

This sham of a gallery does not justice. You’ll have to check her instagram for a more thorough look and, of course, play by play of testimonial comments and compliments to her creativity.

What does Katie suggest when thinking about florals for weddings or any event you have planned?


  1. Stay Local! The smaller the company, the more passionate they are to give you their best.
  2. Have a budget in mind – You don’t want to bankrupt yourself over flowers!
  3. Support women-owned businesses and businesses run by people of colour – Diversity is a wonderful thing.
  4. Have a chemical-free wedding as possible, especially if you want to have dried flowers!
  5. Trust your florist and the process – if you don’t, RUN. OKAY – don’t run; but find someone who you trust. Then trust the process – your party and your florist will thank you!


  1. Ask for plastic/silk/synthetic flowers or flower foam. They are not biodegradable and bad for the environment.
  2. Ask your florist to copy another florist – That is someone else’s work. Bring a new idea. A good florist is up for a challenge – it excites them!

How to contact Katie: YES – She does instagram orders. YES – she does custom orders and bespoke design for any occasion.


From her website, you can contact her via telephone  416-912-1308 or check her instagram where you can let your eyes do the walking and send her a DM.

It is still the middle of summer. If you’re getting eloped, having a baby, or celebrating a Friday and want something extraordinary to decorate your abode, Katie Flor and The Moody Blooms has got your back.

I know it seems early, but my next post will focus on seeds – again. With the new federal bill signed to strip farmer operations of nitrogen, or “reduction” of emissions by culling our nation’s livestock and limiting access to fuel, I will be putting out my master list of seed producers to go to, as well a list of tried and true perennials or self seeding annuals that you want to cultivate for a closed circle ecological garden. Yes, abundant resources for you to arm yourselves and your new-found green thumb will also be included.

See you in my next post!

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