Edible Landscapes, Urban Agriculture & Wannabe Homesteading

Homesteading-ish combines the best and not so best exploits of the kitchen and garden curiosities. Let us rejoice the highs and lows of urban vegetable gardening and urban foraging. The garden is about more than just a pretty picture; it lets us love, endure, and grow in our sacred happy place.

The Moody Blooms

Katie Flor, a devout localist and one of Toronto’s most exceptional florist is located in the heart of Parkdale. Katie quit her previous job of 10+ years in January 2020, and started The Moody Blooms in March of the same year. Like many in horticulture tech, we all tend to feel the burnout at the […]

Who is Pretty Tasty Gardens?

A Detailed Introduction. Better yet, Who is Lindsay Stuijfzand? Earlier this year, I did an interview with Steven Biggs of Food, Garden, Life podcast to talk more about my passion and ideas. I am a first generation Canadian-born Korean. I have lived most of my life in Toronto and worked in horticulture for about 10 […]

Feature Creature: Ellenberger Organic Farms

Potato – po-tah-toh, Taters n’ Taties, Poutine & Fries! If you’re a starch-obsessed chippy that can down a bucket of wedges just for dinner, this spud’s for you. Ellenberger Organic Farm is a ride-or-die organic farm in Coe Hill, Ontario. If you don’t know where that is, it is a 3hrs drive northeast of Toronto, […]


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