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This is an earthy blend of greens, cukes, tomatoes and flowers (no roses) for a colourful early summer salad. You can cut and they will come again, and again. Kit contains seedlings:

  • x1 kale(3 per pot)
  • x2x Gold Rush lettuce
  • x3 Carbon beefsteak tomatoes
  • x1 Striped slicing tomatoe
  • x2 Pickling cucumbers
  • x2 cucamelon (x2 per 3” pot)
  • x2 Nasturtiums Alaska mix (x3 per 3″ pot)
  • x1 Red sweet pepper

Trellis the cucumbers and stake your tomatoes. The pickling cucumbers will do better in the soil, while the cucamelons can handle both raised beds or in-ground planting.

Mid-May delivery.  Kit comes with brief plant culture instructions, and quick recipe card.

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