It’s Ginkgo Time!

I was trying to summarizing my entire crazy season in ONE post. Then I thought, screw this – it’s Ginkgo Time! Ginkgo trees are terrestrial species like ferns and magnolias and go as far back as 270 million years. They are native to east Asia, mainly Korea, China and Japan. Rather than re-writing what is already known, I’ll letContinue reading “It’s Ginkgo Time!”

OK. More Writing, Less Scrolling…

We should quit lots of things in 2021, a horticulture journal is NOT one of them. It’s not hard to get swallowed up by social media. Just drove my husband crazy, watching me glued to the phone like I was tethered to a sinkhole. There were mounting frustrations with social media. My real life friendsContinue reading “OK. More Writing, Less Scrolling…”