Is this a secure website? Yes! This site is an SSL secure site and transactions are run through secure Stripe Express that is part of the PayPal e-commerce program that complies with all banking & security standards.

What form of payments do you accept? We accept all major credit cards as well as cash on delivery. If you opt to pay cash, a delivery time must be coordinated & confirmed to finalize the transaction. Deliveries cannot be made without confirmed payment.

Refunds & Returns: All sales are final. Our live plants are sourced from reliable and organic growers in Ontario, and maintained regularly until they are delivered. Once they are delivered, we cannot be held responsible for natural elements or maintenance issues that can contribute the success or failure of the plant. Therefore free replacements are not offered. If the plant fails, or is not as robust as expected, please contact us and we can discuss the factors that could have affected it, and how to rectify the issues or what needs to take place for the replacement planting, so that it can establish successfully.

How far can you deliver? We service Toronto West and GTA. We currently only deliver local at this time. Sorry! No pick-ups. Delivery applies to live plant sales only.

What Landscaping services do you offer? We offer seasonal clean-up and regular maintenance services. We offer garden design, functional and specialty fruit pruning, weeding and plant installations and maintenance. We also custom design raised garden beds! Where possible, native and/or edible species are preferred over ornamentals and recommend as part of our design focus. Not to worry – if you’re a die-hard lover of hydrangeas, we can work with that too.

We can also custom design raised garden beds! We offer garden bed design, functional and specialty fruit pruning, weeding and plant installations and maintenance. We prioritize and recommend native species as our design focus is on native, wild-food, and edible landscapes. Not worry – if you’re die-hard lover of hydrangeas, we’re okay with that too.

Unfortunately, we do not do hard-scapes . Stone work, retaining walls, irrigation, decks or fences is not our forte. We can recommend reputable and knowledgeable contractors with great track records if you need one in addition to the work we do for you!

What is a consultation & how does that work? Get your soil assessed, and get recommendations on the right plant for the right place, whether you need irrigation, re-imagine your garden beds. Consultation is done in person in hourly blocks.